Executive Services

As a valued company stock plan participant, you have unique financial opportunities, as well as challenges. We offer you professional, one-to-one support to help make sure your equity holdings and personal finances work together for you.

A team dedicated to your financial success

Elite, one-to-one support

When you have financial questions, you’re just a phone call away from someone who knows the answers and has experience in managing equity compensation.

A dedicated point of contact

Your Relationship Manager is available to help with all your equity compensation and personal finance needs—both large and small.

Fully committed to you

Read insights from our leadership team on how we help busy professionals meet their financial needs.

Trusted help with your personal finances

You’ll be supported by dedicated Relationship Managers who will serve as the main point of contact for all your equity compensation and financial needs. Backed by a team of licensed professionals, they can collaborate with you to:

  • Quickly answer and resolve any equity compensation questions you have
  • Define your financial goals and suggest solutions to help you achieve them
  • Integrate your equity benefits and other assets into a comprehensive financial strategy
  • Manage risk and create long-term wealth preservation strategies

Comprehensive wealth management and planning

As an Executives Services participant, your Relationship Manager can refer you to a dedicated CITI EQUITY Financial Consultant who will:

  • Review and analyze your current financial picture to understand where you are today and where you want to be in the future
  • Work closely with you to create a customized investment plan that takes account of your unique needs and goals

Custom liquidity solutions

With a Line of Credit1, you can strategically borrow against your portfolio as an efficient, flexible, and affordable way to meet a variety of short-term liquidity needs without selling securities and disrupting your long-term investment plans.* Access cash now or later for:

  • Real estate purchase or renovation financing
  • College tuition payments
  • Luxury purchases such as investment property, a boat, or a vacation home
  • Debt consolidation
  • New business financing
  • Quarterly or annual tax payments
  • Proceeds may not be used to purchase securities or pay down margin loans

* Borrowing against your company securities may be prohibited by your employer. Please consult your company’s applicable internal company policies if pledging company securities.

10b5-1 trading plans

We’ll work with you to develop and implement a personalized 10b5-1 trading plan (and assist with SEC reporting requirements) to help you:

  • Diversify your company stock plan holdings
  • Sell shares during company trading blackouts
  • Maintain an affirmative defense against potential insider trading allegations