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CITI EQUITY is built to help you achieve what you want with your money. Grow your savings today through a high-interest cash account and finance your future with automated investing.

Global reach with an individualized approach

With CITI EQUITY, you get the best of both big and small investment firms: access to the deep resources of our global firm while experiencing the personal-touch feeling of a boutique firm.


$0 commissions

Focus on your future, not fees

Online US-listed stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options.

Product choices

Full range of investments

Pursue your goals with stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds, and more.

Easy-to-use tools

Powerful, intuitive platforms

Trade online, through Power CITI EQUITY

Market insights

Find your next opportunity

Get timely market analysis, plus free CITY EQUITY equity research.

Core Portfolios

Automated investment management

Get a diversified portfolio that's monitored and managed for a low annual advisory fee.

Retirement accounts

Take control of tomorrow

We'll help you plan and invest for life after work.

Who We Serve

Our Practice Areas

We have three specialised practice areas designed to provide each client with an investment approach and portfolio that meets their unique needs

Endowments, Foundations, & Sovereign Wealth Funds

We've worked with endowments and foundations for 29 years to help them create a positive and lasting impact on the world.

Pension & Insurance

Our pension practice couples pension expertise with extensive experience across private investments to help our clients meet their pension obligations.

Private Clients & Family Offices

For more than 29 years, we've worked with private clients to help them to grow their wealth and continue their legacies.

What We Offer

Outsourced CIO (Discretionary Management)

As an investment partner to some of the most sophisticated investors in the world for the last five decades, we have learned firsthand which practices are most likely to lead to investment success—and which practices can create the biggest roadblocks.

That’s why we built a different kind of OCIO business. One that is purposely designed to focus on what we believe are the key drivers of long-term investment success: building a portfolio uniquely calibrated for your goals, finding and accessing best-in-class global managers, and maximizing the long-term stability of your portfolio.

Advisory Services

We provide customisable advisory portfolio management. This tailored model works well if you prefer to be actively involved in investment decisions or need additional resources and expertise to support internal investment staff.

You’ll benefit from the full strength of our knowledge, research capabilities, and investment platform. Working with a dedicated team focused on your goals, you’ll retain final approval on investment decisions.

Asset Class Mandates

For clients who want to outsource their alternative assets portfolios or other niche strategies, we can apply our investment expertise and robust investment network to a select part of your portfolio.

Private Markets Mandates

Hedge Fund Mandates

Impact Strategies

Our Aim

Building custom portfolios meant to outperform

How We Invest

  • Private Markets Investing
  • Sustainable Impact Investing
  • Diverse Manager Investing
  • Climate Change & Net Zero

A high-yield cash account helps your savings grow.

A home for your savings that earns 12x the national average.** With our high-yield Cash Reserve, you're set to grow your money for all your near-term plans.

Get started

Build wealth with automated investing.

We make investing easy. No day trading or navigating market ups and downs. We're here to help you earn more over the long term and make smart decisions with your money.

Get started

Invest the way you want.

Get started with diversified portfolios of stocks and bonds or crypto.

We handle the hard stuff.

From recurring deposits to dividend reinvesting to managing your portfolio.

Limit tax impact.

Automated and optimized tax strategies are designed to help you minimize the tax impact on your investments.

Frequently asked questions

Most Popular

Who is the CEO of Citiequity?

The C.E.O of Citiequity is Rebecca Scanlon.

How long has Citiequity been incorporated for?

Citiequity was first incorporated in 1993.

Is ESG integrated in our portfolios?

Yes, Citiequity has adopted ESG policies since 2016.

What investment strategy is the Citiequity A.I algorithm based on?

The Citiequity artificial intelligence algorithm infuses a base model Diversified income strategy as the foundation in analyzing the markets.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, An Individual can create a maximum of 2 accounts.

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