Private Equity

We are a large-scale global investor focused on acquiring high-quality businesses that provide essential products and services.

Our global integrated team of investment and operations professionals is dedicated to creating value and enhancing cash flows by driving operational improvements.







Business Sectors

Business Services

Our services businesses include business process outsourcing, healthcare, construction and real estate.

Infrastructure Services

Our portfolio of infrastructure services businesses consists of leading service providers for large-scale infrastructure assets.


Our industrials businesses have strong market positions and include manufacturers of automotive batteries, returnable plastic packaging, and sanitation management and development.

The impact of private equity
The active management that private equity and venture capital brings to its portfolio companies helps them to become more successful businesses with stronger, more sustainable futures.

Private equity supports the ambitions of privately-held companies by providing them with capital, and active hands-on management support.

Private equity creates investment growth for a wide range of investors including pension funds and insurance companies, delivering strong returns for their beneficiaries.

By helping build better businesses private equity has a profound impact on the economy and society, creating jobs, developing new skills, and investing in new technology.

Strategy Overview

CITI EQUITY Private Equity’s primary objective is to be the partner of choice for great companies as they grow. Our team works with companies to help them achieve their full potential and continue to grow, and our track record has included many successful start-ups, founder-led companies, turnarounds and carve-outs from larger corporate partners.

We help companies improve their competitive position by expanding into new products and markets, growing productivity and strengthening their operations. Ultimately, we believe our growth-oriented model results in stronger companies that employ the best people, are socially responsible, and deliver strong returns over the long-term.

A Differentiated Approach to Investing

CITI EQUITY Private Equity’s operations are managed as a globally integrated enterprise. In today’s environment, where companies increasingly need to identify and execute opportunities on a global scale, our ability to leverage a fully integrated global team represents a significant advantage.

CITI EQUITY Private Equity brings extensive experience and resources to help management teams assess and capitalize on business opportunities. Our global industry vertical teams work together to diligence local and multinational companies and to identify investments where we have differential insights and a unique ability to drive transformational change. Since 1984, we have developed in-depth knowledge, experience and robust networks through more than 1,000 primary and add-on investments across several core industry groups:

Building and Growing Great Companies

CITI EQUITY Private Equity pioneered the value-added approach to private equity investing. We were among the first private equity firms to establish a dedicated global portfolio group staffed with operating and strategy professionals who partner with management teams. Our portfolio group, in conjunction with our investment professionals – most of whom come from strategic consulting backgrounds, form a collaborative team that enables us to create lasting impact for our portfolio companies and helps them reach their full potential.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Management

CITI EQUITY Private Equity utilizes a strategic, fact-based and diligence-driven investment approach that by definition includes a multitude of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. We believe that these ESG practices lead to better investment outcomes while considering the firm’s broader impacts on the environment and society.

Our due-diligence method
Tried and tested

The Moonfare investment team carefully curates a dynamic selection of funds from top-tier managers. Our proprietary FiveStar due diligence framework leverages our team's combined 85 years of private equity experience to select only the very best funds. To make sure we're impartial and focused on our members' needs, we do not earn any fees from GPs.

Diversified Alternative Equity

Diverse team with 29 year track record investing alongside private equity and real assets specialists across primary funds, co-investments and secondaries.

Investment Capabilities

We create private market solutions, from full outsourcing, to specialized mandates such as small, diverse and emerging managers, co-investments, real assets and regionally focused, impact funds.

Customized Portfolios

We serve as an ‘extension of staff’ to build single investor funds that meet mutually agreed upon portfolio objectives and complement our client’s broader private market portfolio.

Unique Commingled Funds

We launch unique commingled funds that fill portfolio gaps and voids in the market. We target difficult to access markets, unique investment opportunities and fee neutralization for our clients.