Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Create Opportunity for All

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion commitment is a core part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, focused on ensuring that people with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experiences join, and then thrive, in our firm and our industry.

Our DEI strategy is built on four key pillars

Build a more diverse firm

At CITI EQUITY, we are working to build a more diverse workforce. Not only because the best talent is found in the broadest pool of candidates, or because of conclusive evidence that diverse teams lead to better outcomes—but also because it is simply the right thing to do.

Invest more capital with diverse managers

We use our standing in the industry to promote the investment of capital in an equitable manner, including to best-in-class underrepresented managers who may not otherwise get the opportunity they deserve.

Elevate a more equitable and inclusive culture

Our goal at CITI EQUITY is to create an environment in which our colleagues can do their best work by being their best selves. We aim to support every employee, encourage dialogue, and empower our colleagues to act to create the community we want.

Our four Employee Resource Groups work together to advance a culture of inclusivity at Cambridge Associates


CITI EQUITY Mosaic champions the need for diversity, understanding that bringing together cultures, backgrounds, and differences makes us a stronger firm. But to achieve these goals, we must build a sense of belonging, where all voices are heard and honored, to create the positive change needed within the firm and the industry.

Core to the mission of CE Pride is the belief that we all deserve equal rights, protections, and privileges, particularly historically marginalized groups like the LGBTQ+ community. Our work advocates for community within our walls, industry, and global landscape, harkening back to the history of the LGBTQ+ rights movement and forward to its future.


CE Women strives to create a more equitable culture in both our firm and our industry by bringing more voices and perspectives to the table. By empowering women and underrepresented communities, we can create better leaders and innovators for today and tomorrow.

CE Allies educates and advocates on behalf of a broad spectrum of identities and experiences. The group affirms the experiences and stories of others, asks questions to understand how to best support others, and acts to dismantle systemic barriers to workplace and societal equity.

Lead a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive industry

We proactively engage with external networks and affinity groups to raise diverse representation in the industry, help advance investment outcomes, and increase opportunity for women and members of underrepresented communities in investing.

We Embrace Our Differences.

Diversity in all of its forms is key to our firm’s open culture and long-term success. By fully appreciating our team members' diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives, we believe CITI EQUITY is positioned to realize favorable outcomes for our investors and for the firm. To support our diverse workforce and enrich our work environment, CITI EQUITY offers a multitude of programs and policies that reflect our purpose-driven culture.

Our Culture

CITI EQUITY Inclusion & Diversity Council

The mission of the CITI EQUITY Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council is to establish well-orchestrated strategies and operating plans that incorporate business alignment, leadership accountability and measured success in the following areas:

  • Cultivate relationships with diversity organizations to tangibly and materially impact diversity recruiting pipelines
  • Partner with business leaders to implement best practices that support diversity in interviewing and hiring methods
  • Foster a culture of inclusion that embraces all forms of diversity, including but not limited to: ethnicity/background, gender, sexual orientation, and thought
  • Identify key retention levers to support diverse team members

CITI EQUITY Black Alliance

The CITI EQUITY Black Alliance is a group focused on leadership, development and recruitment of persons of color. ABA values and engages its members, allies and partners through a series events which range from volunteering initiatives to lunch-and-learns with the aim of empowering all CITI EQUITY ' employees and making the firm a more inclusive place to work. This employee-led group is committed to excellence in professional development, giving back to the community, and a fair and equitable employee experience while driving superior business results. The group provides a safe and supportive environment where all member voices count. ABA's strategy is based on four pillars: Attract, Change, Advance & Engage.

CITI EQUITY Network of Empowered Women (CENEW)

The CITI EQUITY Network of Empowered Women (CENEW) is focused on expanding the representation of female professionals at every level of the organization and helping women develop the skill sets they need to advance their careers. Our goal is to develop and promote initiatives that address the unique challenges women face in the industry and workplace.

Disability Resources Around Me (DREAM)

DREAM is a community for employees whose lives have been touched by a disability, whether visible or invisible. DREAM promotes an environment of mutual respect and teamwork, while providing an avenue for those seeking the guidance, encouragement, and camaraderie of others who have successfully faced similar challenges. We strive to raise awareness of the challenges faced every day by these employees and their loved ones, by providing resources in line with CITI EQUITY ' employee-friendly work environment. Awareness is key to making our environment and society more accessible for all.

Elevating API Voices

EAV's mission is to create a supportive environment, facilitate professional development, and promote educational, cultural, and social awareness for API employees and their families to help advance CITI EQUITY ' Inclusion & Diversity principles of fostering diverse talent, promoting an inclusive workplace, and enriching the work environment.

Family-Friendly Programs

CITI EQUITY recognizes the importance of building and supporting a family, and the policies below reflect our commitment to assist our employees as they endeavor to fulfill their responsibilities at work and at home.

  • Parental Leave for primary and non-primary caregivers in connection with the birth of a child, adoption or surrogacy
  • “Welcome Baby” gifts
  • Adoption assistance
  • Reproductive assistance
  • Breast milk shipping
  • On-site Mothers' Rooms
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Domestic partner benefits


Mosaic is focused on creating an environment in the workplace in which all diverse individuals can thrive. Mosaic's purpose is to further develop all diverse professionals by supporting current employees progression in a way which will avoid `diversity churn'. This effort is motivated by the need to create real change and to promote a society for long-term, sustainable inclusion for diverse professionals in the finance industry.


Out at CITI EQUITY seeks to promote an inclusive, respectful, and diverse workplace environment at CITI EQUITY that empowers LGBT+ employees and their allies. This group focuses on the recruitment, retention, development, and support of our LGBT+ employees and their families. We strive to achieve these goals through active engagement with internal and external stakeholders, education, ally development, networking events, and volunteering in the communities where CITI EQUITY operates.


Unidos recognizes the importance of highlighting the diverse cultures within the Latinx community and building a collaborative network that promotes unity, empowerment and cultural awareness. We are focused on advancing/retaining existing talent, celebrating our rich heritage, connecting employees with educational resources and giving back to the communities where we live and work. Juntos, podemos!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe that communities are strengthened by diverse backgrounds and thought, where everyone has a sense of belonging and can make a contribution. CITI EQUITY is proud to partner with several organizations fostering these goals within our communities. We work with the organizations in many different ways, including offering donations, employee volunteerism, providing internships and serving on boards.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) efforts center around our most important asset: our people. We are committed to attracting, developing, and advancing a diverse workforce that represents a spectrum of backgrounds, identities and experiences.

Our Approach

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is critically important to our culture and makes our firm, companies and communities stronger. CITI EQUITY takes a holistic approach to promote DEI within our firm and across our portfolio in order to deliver for our stakeholders. Our DEI approach centers on four pillars: recruiting, talent development, community and inclusion, and accountability.


Diverse teams are more innovative and yield better outcomes. Attracting diverse talent requires expanding our talent pipelines and broadening our reach to candidates of all backgrounds, identities, experiences and skill sets. Our Future Women Leaders and Diverse Leaders Programs are examples of our commitment to creating new talent pipelines and building the next generation of leaders.

Talent Development

We’re committed to strengthening the pipeline of diverse talent at all levels of the firm. Principles of equity and inclusion are embedded into our talent development programming and processes to ensure that all our employees can do great work, be recognized for their achievements, advance, and be rewarded accordingly. Our Affinity Networks, Early Careers Program, and BX Learning Curriculum are just a few examples of forums where our employees are invited to learn more about topics like inclusive leadership, allyship, unconscious bias, and more.

Community and Inclusion

We’re committed to fostering an inclusive culture. That’s how we attract and retain talent, leverage the benefits of a diverse workforce, and drive innovation and business outcomes. Our affinity networks help support these efforts by raising cultural awareness through speaker series, networking events, service opportunities and mentoring relationships. Our networks operate in an integrated way, supporting each other’s goals and frequently co-hosting events, highlighting the intersectionality of our diverse communities.


At CITI EQUITY, building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace isn’t only the responsibility of senior managers or HR, it’s everyone’s responsibility. We invite firmwide participation in our high-value recruiting programs, encourage all leaders to model inclusive leadership and invite all employees to participate in our affinity networks as either members or allies.

Our Governance Model

An effective DEI strategy starts with top-down leadership. At the highest level, our strategy is led by CITI EQUITY President Rebecca Scanlon, EVP & Chief Information Officer Steve Weavers, and EVP, Workplace Solutions Frank Pruzan. Driving a culture of inclusion is the responsibility of everyone at CITI EQUITY and we actively engage employees through our affinity networks and inclusion councils.

"Not only is increasing diversity the right thing to do - it also makes our firm, companies and communities stronger."

- Rebecca Scanlon
Chairman, C.E.O

Recruiting Programs

We are focused on building a pipeline of diverse talent for the next generation of leaders at CITI EQUITY and throughout the financial services industry.

Future Women Innovators

CITI EQUITY’s Future Women Innovators Program is a unique one-and-a-half-day program that gives emerging software developers first-hand exposure to the increasingly powerful role of technology in crafting financial strategy. Participants have an opportunity to connect with top technologists and recruiting professionals here at CITI EQUITY. The program introduces participants to the knowledge, training and skills necessary for a career path in technology.

Future Women Leaders

The Future Women Leaders Program, which launched in 2013, targets highly talented undergraduate women interested in careers in Finance. The program is a 2-day educational event which provides CITI EQUITY with the opportunity to meet talented women at an earlier stage in the recruitment process and develop a pipeline of candidates for our internship and full-time programs.

Diverse Leaders

The Diverse Leaders Program, which launched in 2016, is designed to target highly talented undergraduate students who have self-identified with a diverse group including but not limited to Black, Hispanic, Native American, LGBTQ+, disabled, and veteran status and are interested in careers in Finance. The program is a 2-day long educational event which provides CITI EQUITY with the opportunity to meet talented students at an earlier stage in the recruitment process and develop a pipeline of candidates for our internship and full-time programs.

Future Diverse Innovators

The CITI EQUITY Future Diverse Innovators Program targets groups that have historically been underrepresented in the technology sector. This program aims to show students what it’s like to work in a technology role at CITI EQUITY – offering seminars, resume and interview workshops, technical training, networking events and ongoing mentorship

CITI EQUITY Affinity Networks

Our Affinity Networks serve as a resource for members and allies. They foster belonging and community and play a critical role in supporting our efforts to recruit, retain and advance a diverse workforce. Core to our networks is the concept of allyship, the continuous practice of advancing a culture of inclusion through intentional, positive and conscious actions that promote equity and inclusion.

Diverse Profesional Network

Our Diverse Professionals Network (DPN) is a community of networks including a Black and African American Network, South Asian and Middle Eastern Network, Hispanic and Latino Network, and East Asian Network. The DPN provides a platform for employees to build relationships and advance the dialogue regarding the importance of racial and ethnic diversity for our business.

Women's Initiative

The CITI EQUITY Women’s Initiative drives a multitude of programs across the firm focused on developing women, fostering connectivity across businesses, helping to encourage organic mentorship relationships and helping to shape our recruiting strategy.


OUT CITI EQUITY focuses on enhancing visibility of LGBTQ+ individuals both at CITI EQUITY and in the community. The group helps raise awareness of how LGBTQ+ individuals are impacted socially and professionally and connect employees throughout the firm.

Veterans Network

The Veterans Network aims to cultivate a community of veterans and advocates who can add value and unique perspectives to CITI EQUITY’s business and culture. As of July 2021, CITI EQUITY has achieved its goal of over 100,000 veterans, veteran spouses and caregivers hired across its portfolio.

Working Families

The Working Families Network brings together parents, caregivers and anyone interested in having or starting a family while working at CITI EQUITY. The network brings in speakers, provides resources, and fosters a community of families, while advocating for policies and services that continue to make CITI EQUITY one of the great places to work for parents and caregivers.